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                                               Hello! It is I! 

Since the dawn of time, animals especially dogs have inspired me greatly. You can usually find me with my dog or talking about my dog.  I truly believe that they are poetry on paws. I love being given the opportunity to capture their heart and soul, if I don't walk away from a shoot without being covered in mud and slobber I did something wrong. I'm all about the feelie wheelies, there's so much emotion in what we get to do. I'm all about the happy dances, the Napoleon Dynamite "Yuussss's", and accomplished head nods. 

I love the love. 

Whether it be fun, bright, eye catching photos taken in studio or braving the outdoors and witnessing greatness, adventurous and the action packed photos that nature can bring. I love it all.

Lets get er' goin!

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Email:               Phone:  435-671-0144

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