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A dog's gotta

do what

a dog's gotta do. 

Sometimes a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do, and that's okay.

Getting to know one another is important to getting those big happy smiling photos that everyone loves, also tiring them out before the session is helpful too, a quick walk before the session might be the perfect to having a calm model on set.   


Don't worry about leashes being in the way they're easily removable. If you're worried about having an extra hyper pup have no fear! I can capture images in a split second, faster than you can say " No! Drop that!" We can take as much time as we need for them to get comfortable, no rush.


Dogs can sometimes be nervous around the light the camera and the action but we can easily fix that with toys and treats! Feel free to bring any toy\treat\outfit you'd like.


I love knowing if you would like a certain pose or toy incorporated so I can get the perfect shot for you! If the shoot is outdoors I will be scouting the area and checking the weather to make sure things go to plan. I will also be in touch with you up until the session so feel free to ask any questions under the moon!

After the session it can take up to 1-2 weeks for photos to be edited or prints to be delivered, then I will hand deliver them right to your door. I highly  recommend our selection of fine art prints, metals and acrylics. They are not only photos but wall art décor, fitting in any home perfectly. 

If you have any questions contact me at 

email:     #435-671-0144



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