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Two salty dogs!

It's not very often you get to visit a place that feels like another planet, but when you get that chance I beg you to go!  The Bonneville Salt Flats is like a place out of this world.  Miles and miles of sparkling ground that goes on forever! We went this May and were lucky to see it when a thin layer of water took over creating amazing reflections and ughh let me tell you about the sunsets! Im blessed with great friends and even greater husband that will follow me on my photography adventures and will drive 3 hours on a whim. I was able photograph to my hearts extent. At the beginning of this adventure my pants were black but when we left they were white. I have never been so salty in my life! 

If you ever visit, whether it be for a photoshoot of a life time or just passing through, be prepared to get SALTY! My camera gear warns you. 

My husband and friends were there shooting for about 2 hours, at the end of the day the sunset was incredible!

Norwegian elkhound

 The blues, pinks, and purples wrapped around my boy Punk. I will cherish that photo of him forever. The reflections made amazing photographs, little ripples of Sunday dance in the water below.

I beg you to get pictures done when they're young, remembering the clumsy puppy days is something that is too often taken for granted.

Pet photography is so much more than those two words, it's the splashing of puppy paws running at you full force, crashing into you and the tumbling, laughter and then the slobbery kisses that come after.

 You'll see me talk about it in more blog posts to come but its so so important. I have hundreds of photos of my Norwegain elkhound Punk, hundreds and hundreds, but I know when he grows old and doesn't move as quick, when his snout collects the grey hairs of an old dog . I will want to look back on the adventures we adventured the times we tumbled around and laughed the times he might of barked a little too loud, used the bathroom at a not so good time. I want to remember those times,  I can capture those, proudly, boldly and with a heart full of love, a heart knowing that dog was a good dog.

Now that I'm drowning in my own tears,  here are more photos to enjoy.

 I think that will be all for today, give your dog a hug and a kiss from me! Thank you for reading, please don't wait, and if you find a place of another planet please go!

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