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Did someone say confetti?

waving dog

Oh hi there!

The absolute feelings of joy you may feel when looking at this photo are perfectly normal. The sensation of cupcakes, lottery winning, and piñata smacking. All normal.

This party was held at for their 2nd anniversary!

Let me ramble on to you about why I love doing things like this. Firstly, the absolute superwomen who owns Healthy pets. Heide makes me giggle my donkey off.

Second, I get to meet all the crazy dog people. My favorite kind of people. It makes my heart so happy watching these people beam about their dogs. All the things they've done that day. The accomplishments. Getting all the best info about the best trainers, best treat makers, best dog boarding. It's like a super secret meeting but everyone and their dog are invited.

Lastly, the dogs. Pshhh. ( That's my favorite part.)

How many dogs?

I need a drum roll please *badumbadumbadumm*

42. Forty two. Cuarenta y dos. 42 amazing whole dogs.

In between the models I was ferociously eating string cheese and thanking the lord above.

I don't have a favorite for that day but Mrs Marian. The one and only Marian.

Doesn't she just take your breath away? Sighhhhhh. What a gal. There will definitely be a Basset Hound in my future.

Well, I think that's all for today my friends.

Here is a little medicine in the form of confetti pooches.


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