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Nature is a show off.

There. I said it. How could your socks not be absolutely blown off?

Reef doesn't wear socks.

If he did, they would be in outer space.

Other than dogs + photography I am super duper passionate about the ~outdoors~

This here mountain is my most favorite mountain. Paws down.

While we were there with Reef and his doggy sister Coral, Caden and I shared some of our little stories and adventures we've had there.

From the time we lost our keys in the vast, vast field. We were there for about an hour angrily and sweatily searching.

The time we tried to go through a small looking puddle that turned out to be a small lake. The water was up to the door handles. We had to call his dad to rescue us, and so he did. The best father in law award goes to Rob every time. His truck is so massive it drove right through the small ocean and pulled us out. I don't know who was steaming more, our explorer or Caden. Grand old times.

We camped up there recently and I was in charge of picking a movie to watch on the iPad. I'm not a good movie picker outer. It was some vampire horror nonsense that made me giggle. Horror isn't supposed to make you giggle.

Coral being pure magic.

Magic is certain word I love to use but never lightly.

Only when the light is just right, when the sound coming from the photo is loud. I love taking loud photos. All ears and nose.

This place is so special to me. Better than Disneyland. My favorite mountain.



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